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1. 21th Century Physics Learning in Senior in Senior High School Through Interactive Computer Simulation to Enhance Students Achievement
Ahmad Swandi; Bunga Dara Amin; Fahruddin muin

2. A Computer Based Learning Resource to Support Students to Learn Gas Law and Kinetic Theory of Gas
E. Pratidhina

3. A development of performance assesment instrumen for measuring cognitive and psychomotor competence on vinegar titration practicum
Mudrika , Nahadi and Kurnia

4. A Potential Instructional Theory for Meaning of Minus Sign
Nyiayu Fahriza Fuadiah (1,2 *), Didi Suryadi (2), and Turmudi (2)

5. A Preliminary Study on Chemical Literacy Level of The Students as The Basis of Developing NOSI Learning Model in Acid Base Concepts
Diana Susanti, Anna Permanasari, Hernani

6. A test construction based on mathematical problem solving ability for quadrilateral
Arina Nur Indriani*, Jarnawi Afgani Dahlan, Sufyani Prabawanto

7. Ability of Mathematical Critical Thinking, What about Learning Cycle 7E Model?
Muthmainnah (a*), Jarnawi Afgani Dahlan (b), Suhendra (b)

8. Achievement of ESD (Educational for Sustainable Development) through mathematics learning
1. Sri Yunita Ningsih, 2. Dadang Juandi

9. Achievement profile of high school students on chemical dynamics material at three levels of representation
Aditya Rakhmawan (a*), Harry Firman (b), Sri Redjeki (c), Sri Mulyani (b)

10. Advisability of integrated science teaching Material on the Topic of Environmental Pollution to Increase Environmental Literacy and Critical Thinking of Junior High School Students
P D Sartika1*, A Fitriani2, and P Sinaga3

11. Algebraic Thinking Characteristics of Eighth Grade Junior High School Students Based on Superitem Test of SOLO Model
Dwi Inayah Rahmawati (1*), Nanang Priatna (2), Dadang Juandi (2)

12. Algebraic thinking obstacle of elementary school students: a hermeneutics-phenomenology study
V Pratiwi, T Herman, and D Suryadi

13. An action research on enhancing grade 10 student creative thinking skills using argument driven inquiry model in the topic of chemical environment
Pitukpong Kumdang(a*), sirinapa kijkuakul(b), Wipharat Chuachuad Chaiyasith(c)

14. An analysis of eight grade students mathematical reasoning in mean, median, and mode
N Arsoetar (1*) and S Sugiman (2)

15. An early childhood teachers teaching ability in project based science learning: a case on visible light
R N Afifah1, E Syaodih1,2, O Setiasih2 , A Suhandi3, B Maftuh2, N Hermita4, A Samsudin3 , and H Handayani1,2

Nurmasari Sartono1, Mahrawi Suprapto1, Ilmi Zajuli Ichsan1

17. An investigation of reasoning ability at the secondary level students
N Novianawati and Nahadi

18. Analysis of Ability to Use Microscope and Its Relation with Visual and Verbal Representation in Representing Microscopic Objects in Anatomy of Plant Lecture
Endro Widodo(1), Adi Rahmat(2)*, Eni Nuraeni(3)

19. Analysis of elementary school students misconception on force and movement concept
D R Sari1, D Ramdani1, and H K Surtikanti2

20. Analysis of Items on Test Instruments of Mathematical Representation Ability on Quadrilateral Material for Junior High School Student
Annisa Nurainy

21. Analysis of mathematical communication skill of junior high school students in geometry topics based on early understanding of mathematics
Agus Rohmah (a*), Darhim (b), Al Jupri (b)

22. Analysis of Mathematical Modeling Ability in Solving Combination Problems Using LIT Teaching Materials
Ika Meika1, Didi Suryadi2, Darhim3

23. Analysis of mathematical problem solving ability students of junior high school according to Polya model
S H Kaliky1*, E Nurlaelah2 and A Jupri2

24. Analysis of Mathematics Anxiety of Junior High School Students
R E Yuliani, D Suryadi, J A Dahlan

25. Analysis of Metacognition Skills of Students in Junior High School Based on Cognitive Style
Lihar Raudina Izzati, Ali Mahmudi

26. Analysis of Primary School Students Mastery in Math Instruction Based on Kurtacil and Beemmath Gamification
S Widodo;P Rahayu

27. Analysis of Problem Solving Ability in Social Arithmetics
Fajriah(a*), Salasi R (b), Suryawati (b), Siti Fatimah (c)

28. Analysis of Prospective Teachers Mathematical Problem Solving Based on Taxonomy of Reflective Thinking
Agustan Syamsuddin

29. Analysis of student habits of mind after the implementation of inquiry based learning with levels of inquiry
A Sanjayanti1, N Y Rustaman2, and D Firgiawan3

30. Analysis of Students Argumentation Skills in Chemistry Class of Grade XI through Product Life-Cycle Analysis Assessment on Colloid Lesson
Imas M M, S Y Utami, and N Nurbaity

31. Analysis of students critical thinking skill of fractions on primary school
M R W Muharram*, S Prabawanto, and A Jupri

32. Analysis of students difficulties in chemical bonding based on computerized two-tier multiple choice (cttmc) test
F M Dawati1, S Yamtinah1, S B Rahardjo1, Ashadi1, N Y Indriyanti1

33. Analysis of students difficulties in mathematical literacy
Trusti Hapsari, Darhim, and Jarnawi Afgani Dahlan

34. Analysis of students error in intuitive thinking test
H Hasanah (a*), Y S Kusumah (b), B A Priatna (b)

35. Analysis of students error in mathematical problem solving based on Newmans error analysis
H N Fitriani(1*), T Turmudi(2) and S Prabawanto(2)

36. Analysis of Students Mathematical Communication Ability
Nurjanah, Tatang Herman, Sufyani Prabawanto

37. Analysis of the need to development an authentic assessment instrument on buffer material
Ismiati, Nahadi and H.S. Halimatul

38. Analysis on Senior High School Student Reasoning Skill
A R Pratami, T Widhiyanti, A Widodo

39. Analysis on strength, weaknesses, and challenges in Chemistry Learning Course: a descriptive study to enhance the quality of learning
E Lolo Allo (a,b*), A Permanasari (b), W Wiji (b), and S Redjeki (b)

40. Analysis science process skills high school students on electric circuit concepts in Districts Panjalu Ciamis
N A Budiman, S Sukarmin, A Supriyanto

41. Analytical thinking skill profile and perception of pre service chemistry teachers in analytical chemistry learning
I K Yulina1,2, A Permanasari1, H Hernani1, and W Setiawan1

42. Analyze the correlation of hafiz quran and yaumiah worship toward the level of math anxiety
Dwi Putro Wardani (a*), Sufyani Prabawanto (b*), Tatang Herman (c)

43. Android based multimedia for learning acid and base solutions
E Yuliani1, S Sari1*, N Windayani1, and O Sobandi2

44. Application of cooperative learning model make a match to improve student learning achievements on lesson of materials functions of human digestive organs in fifth grade of primary school
S S Sundari and D Suryadi

45. Application of Investigation Group Learning Model on Triangel Lesson
Lina Izzati (1), Musafir Kumar (2), Nanang Priatna (3)

46. Application of Self and Peer Assessment with Feedback To Improve Control Concepts and Habits of Mind Students On Acid Titration Materials Bases
M Fikri Fahrurozi1)a), Nahadi1) and Hernani1)

47. Application of the scientific approach to improve the mastery of concepts and science process skills of high school students on work and energy
S Ramayanti*, S Utari and D Saepuzaman

48. Application of Think Talk Write Model (TTW) to Improve Communication Ability of Grade XII Students on Biology Learning
S Martini1 and E Nainggolan2

49. Are there statistical anxiety differences between male and female college students?
A Alizamar, A Afdal , I Ifdil, Z Ardi, A Ilyas, Z Zikra, D Daharnis, F Firman, H Nirwana, M Mudjiran, Z Azhar, I Sukmawati, D Sukma, N Nurfarhanah, R Hariko, S Syahniar, M Fikri, L Trizeta, Y Saputra, P G Handayani, F M Yendi, V Yuca, R D Febriani

50. Are there statistical anxiety differences between male and female college students?
A Alizamar, A Afdal , I Ifdil, Z Ardi, A Ilyas, Z Zikra, D Daharnis, F Firman, H Nirwana, M Mudjiran, Z Azhar, I Sukmawati, D Sukma, N Nurfarhanah, R Hariko, S Syahniar, M Fikri, L Trizeta, Y Saputra, P G Handayani, F M Yendi, V Yuca, R D Febriani

Page 1 (data 1 to 50 of 453) | Displayed ini 50 data/page
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